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Ezra is a 3 year old rottie boy that came up from Texas to his new home in MN.  He was one of the over 200 rotties that were confiscated from a breeding and hoarding situation and taken in by the Houston SPCA in February 2011 to be checked over, and with the coordination of the American Rottweiler Club Disaster Committee, went into foster care, rescue and new families.  Below is Ezra with his new mom and dad in his new home.  He is doing great and is one of the sweetest boys you will ever meet.  Ezra gets to sleep inside on a very comfy bed for the first time in his life and get all the love and attention he deserves.  Thanks Mike and Cheryl for giving Ezra a wonderful new home!

Below is a YouTube clip of the news story on the animals confiscated in Texas and the conditions they were in.

Meet Angelina & Jolie!

Meet Angelina & Jolie!  Angelina is a super sweet rottie girl around 3 yrs. old.  She is an alpha girl.  No cats for Angelina – she is too interested in them.

Jolie is around 1.5-2 yrs. of age.  Jolie is thought to be the daughter of Angelina.  No cats for Jolie either.  Jolie has her natural tail.
Jolie and Angelina are a bonded pair of girls – It would be wonderful if they could get adopted together.


Twin Cities Pet Expo 2011

See us at the 2011 Twin Cities Pet Expo – March 12th & 13th – Booth #607 –  Sat. 9-6pm, Sun. 10-5pm.

Check out our rescue, see some wonderful rotties, buy some goodies to support our rescue.  We will have our embroidered sweatshirts available and our printed T-shirts for sale.

New Arrivals – Charlotte & Nellie

Meet Charlotte & Nellie – Mother and daughter.  They are coming to Rescued Paws from Indiana.  Nellie is going to her adoptive family and Charlotte will be available for adoption.  Charlotte is around 3 years old.  She is a rottie/shepard mix who weighs around 50 lbs, so she is on the small side.  She is shy but very sweet.  We will know more about her soon!

In Loving Memory Of Carson

Carson has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge this week.  When Carson had one of his back legs removed due to bone cancer, the vet gave him about 6 more months to live at the most, which was the average life expectancy.  Mr. Carson made it 6 months longer than expected!  He was at Rescued Paws almost a year.  Carson was originally from Louisanna. 

We raised money for a set of wheels for him, but he never liked them and preferred to get around with out them.  He was able to get around pretty good and would lay down and takes breaks when needed.  He couldn’t get up the stairs un-assisted, so I would help him up with a harness with straps put under his belly.

Carson loved going for van rides and most of all going for Gator rides out into the pasture and around the block.  He loved the wind in his face and smelling all the good smells.

Carson was loved by many.  He touched the hearts of all who met him on his transport to MN, and all of us in MN.   We love you Carson!  We know you are running free and pain free now.

ButterBraids Fundraiser Success!

Thank you to all you participated in selling ButterBraids (frozen pastries) and to those who purchased them this holiday season!  Over $1,200 was raised for our rescue!!  The doggies say Woof, Woof, Thanks!!  We will be putting some of the money into making the existing kennel nicer for the dogs, and for making new blind boy Sampson’s room better for him.  We did put down a vinyl floor for him, but being the highly destructive little stinker he is, he started to chew it up!  We will now be putting a tile floor down for him, which I don’t think he can destroy, ha!  He isn’t housebroken, so he goes to the bathroom in his kennel/room, so the floor needs to be easier to keep clean than the previous cement floor. 

Here, Sampson is visited by his new friends, Ellie & Jon.  Ellie initiated Sampson’s rescue and is meeting him here for the first time after his arrival from Virginia.

Moose Has Been Adopted!

Moose was listed as a courtesy posting for a friend of ours who has a rescue in Indiana.  A member of Rescued Paws has adopted Moose and he is coming to his new home in St. Paul this week.  Welcome to MN Moose!

Recently Adopted – Jazzy!

Young Jazzy has been adopted, yea!  Jazzy was dropped off at a shelter in MO at 8 weeks of age and spent her first young months of life there.  She came to Rescued Paws at 5 months of age and just got adopted at 7 months old.  She now has a home to call her own!

New Arrival Hannah!

Meet Hannah!  A very sweet young pittie girl around 1-2 yrs. old.  She just arrived at Rescued Paws, so we will know more about her soon.  At the animal control she came from they said she was good with other dogs, loves people, and didn’t react around the cats.

Meet New Boy Sampson!

Sampson is an 8 yr. old blind pit bull that is coming to Rescued Paws on Thursday, Nov. 11.  He was taken from a neglectful situation and is flying in from Virginia.  We are working on his own yard that will go directly into his room in the indoor kennel to make things easy for him.  He is afraid of other dogs, so this will give him a chance to settle in and find his way around his own personal space.  He is super sweet and we are looking forward to meeting him!

Meet New Girl Lexie!

Meet Lexie!  She is a 9 yr. old pit mix girl that was removed from a hoarding situation in Southern IL where she was neglected and over bred.  She was severely emaciated and suffering from a terrible case of demadectic mange from poor care and a suppressed immune system.  She is getting treatment for her skin condition and her hair is starting to grow back.  She is one of the sweetest dogs ever!  She was so pathetic looking when she arrived and is still camera shy, so it is hard to get a good picture of her.

In Loving Memory of Arthur

Arthur was laid to rest last week.  He was 10 yrs. old and suffered from severe arthritis where it was extremely difficult for him to walk.  His joints were almost fused together.  He still had such a sweet disposition and a smile on his face!  His head didn’t match his body, as he looked young in the face, not a grey hair at all, but his poor body was that of a very old dog, arthritis, tumors and all.  He was on three different pain meds, a muscle relaxer and some herbal arthritis supplements to make him as comfortable as possible.  He would wear a harness so he could be helped to get up or step over things.  He loved going for rides, and we are so thankful for getting the van before he passed away.  The van made it easy to get him in and out of a vehicle.  He went for rides every day for the past couple of weeks.  It was the highlight of his day.

He wasn’t himself one morning, and a very large tumor had appeared on his neck.  He couldn’t swallow easily and couldn’t eat.  It was time to let him go and no more suffering for Arthur.  He is now running free over the Rainbow Bridge.

Arthur came from North Carolina and was dumped by his owners at a shelter because of his arthritis.  He was at Rescued Paws for a couple of months where he could enjoy, as best he could, the remainder of his days and die with people who loved him and were there with him at the end.  It was great knowing you Arthur – We love you!

Recent Adoptions

Andy, Sophie, Jack and Chili have been adopted, Yea!!  We have an adoption pending on Peyton, Yea!!

Andy, now called Elmer because he sticks like glue!